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We perform artistry. Not on theater stages, but in homes like yours. Let's work together to uplevel your home.

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Stagings & Remodels

Revere Staging delivers high-end home stagings to maximize the value of home sales, backed by decades of refined interior design experience. Paired with our home improvements arm and full vendor management, we help home owners and top realtors navigate the entire journey in elevating their homes to their fullest potential.

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You aren't just selling a home, you're selling an aspiration to your potential buyer. Our decades of interior design work crafts that experience with designer furniture and a full, layered look.

Our results?  We help you and your realtor attract more buyers in shorter times, driving up ROI and over asking prices that are well worth your investment in staging.

Or are you remodeling your own home to enjoy?  We've designed multi-million dollar homes across San Francisco and Napa wine country. We love fulfilling our client's dream look! If you're remodeling your personal home and would like our help, please give us a call!

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for realtors

Your full service team

We will provide you a home that you're proud to list - one that you'll confidently represent with swagger.

We're your team that fully preps your home for the market, whether it needs paint recommendations and a smart staging, or whether it needs flooring, remodeling, and lighting.

We guide you end to end, managing all aspects of improvements, vendor sourcing, and staging.

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Who We Are

Our founders are senior designers having decades of high end interior design experience styling multi million dollar homes, as well as tech startup veterans who have raised over $100M and steered $1.4B exits.

It's in our DNA to make your home the most competitive product on the market.

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